This article will give you information on whether the Maths Café can help students with the mathematics/statistics on their final year project.

When working on your final year project, you might encounter concepts or material relating to mathematics or statistics. If this is the case and you need some guidance, Maths Café may be able to help.

Please note, however, that final year projects are part of your assessment, so the work on your project has to be your own. Our aim would be, for example, to explain a mathematical or statistical concept in relation to elements of your project, and not to do the work for you. We are also not the ones to verify the correctness of your work; your project supervisor will be able to advise you on that.

If you would like to seek support in relation to your final year project, we recommend you see us early in the year (for example, it is best to pop in before you gather the data you need for analysis, as we can help you make sure that the data you will look for is good, relevant, and complete). If you come to see us towards the end of your project, please consider that our tutors may not have the time to read through large chunks of your project, literature or data; our tutors have to divide their time among all students who come to a drop-in session.