This article gives you information on the links between the Academic Skills Unit (ASK) and the faculty-based learning support and development tutors.


Faculty-based learning support and development tutors

Each Faculty has a learning support and/or development tutors' (LS/DT) service that offers support and advice to students based within that Faculty. Support can come in the form of workshops, software tutorials, or faculty-specific course or academic skills support - this varies across faculties.

Find out more about the learning support and/ or development tutors in your faculty via the links below:


Academic Skills Unit (ASK)

ASK is very much affiliated with tutoring colleagues in faculty-based learning support and development. As it is a central service, it sees students from all parts of the University.

Students may be encouraged to approach ASK, following contact with a faculty-based learning support or development tutor, who informs the student that ASK could assist with their academic skills development.

Equally ASK may recommend that a student works with their faculty-based learning support or development tutor.

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