This article will explain the services that can help, when it comes to the skills used when planning and writing your dissertation.


Academic Skills Unit (ASK)

The Academic Skills Unit (ASK) can provide help to students with dissertation writing and planning skills. They offer one-to-one sessions that aim to improve a student's understanding of the type of thinking and writing that produces high results. 

Take a look at some useful tips on how to write a successful dissertation below:


Dissertation Supervisor

Throughout the Dissertation module, each student is assigned a personal tutor who has been selected due to their knowledge on your chosen subject. Each student has dedicated contact time with their tutor throughout the academic year, in which they are provided help and guidance.


The Library

The Library is a useful service to help you make progress with your dissertation. The website contains a dissertation database that stores selected examples of good quality dissertations for reference.

There is also a subject support team, who can help you finding research for your dissertation and all other assessments.


Need further academic support?

Your faculty-based learning support and development tutors or the Academic Skills Unit (ASK) may be able to help.

More information on your faculty support is available here.

ASK offers one-to-one tutorials, online resources as well as workshops on a series of topics throughout the year.

Further information on how to contact ASK is available here.

The University regulation is clear that all work submitted for assessment must be the unaided work of an individual student, therefore ASK cannot help you to write your dissertation. However, taking part in ASK sessions will help you to develop your writing skills and tackle any study-related issues. Please also note that ASK is unable to proofread your work.