This article explains some of the other services that the Chaplaincy can provide.

Yes, there are. The Chaplaincy is first and foremost a support facility for students of all faiths and those without a faith, who either need some time to themselves, a friendly chat, or just a place to relax. The Chaplains are happy to listen and advise on many issues, not just those related to faith, in an open, relaxing and inclusive environment.

In addition, the Chaplaincy can put you in contact with other University services that may be able to help you with your problem or inquiry.


What sort of services can the Chaplaincy provide?

The Chaplaincy can provide information about other support services in the university and city that deal with a number of different issues, including:

  • Faith issues and concerns
  • Domestic abuse
  • Pregnancy
  • Refugee status
  • Marriage advice
  • Financial problems
  • Academic concerns
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse


How do I contact the Chaplaincy?

There are five members of staff in the Chaplaincy:

Ashley Lovett (Free Church)

University Chaplain


Rev'd Connie Sherman (Anglican)

University Chaplain


Dr Amra Bone (Muslim)

University Chaplain


Carrie Logan

Administrative Assistant


The Chaplaincy is open five days a week:

Monday 9am - 5pm

Tuesday 9am - 5pm

Wednesday 9am - 5pm

Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

For out-of-hours contact in an emergency, please ring the Security Lodge on +44 (0)23 9284 3418 (just 84 3418 from halls landlines).


Where can I find the Chaplaincy?

The Chaplaincy Centre & Prayer Rooms is located at St Pauls Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea PO5 4AQ.

You can also contact the Chaplaincy by phone, email, or on Facebook.

Telephone: +44 (0)23 9284 3030


Facebook: PortsmouthUniChaplaincy