UoP Student's Union Staff

15 March 2022

5 min read

Students voted throughout last week to choose five new Elected Officers to lead the Students’ Union and work on behalf of students in 2022/23.

Five students are elected each year by the student community in order to ensure the Union’s strategic aims meet the needs of Portsmouth students.

The elections saw an encouraging turnout – with 3,227 students casting their vote. A highlight of the campaign week was the Elections Fayre held at the Union building on Wednesday 9 March. Voters were invited to a meet and greet with the candidates and grab a doughnut and some pizza – the Union reckons that over 500 slices of pizza were handed out!

The Union’s new Elected Officer team will take office from 1 July 2022, working to represent all students and make a positive impact on the student experience.

Democracy and Campaigns Officer – Dom Owen (re-elected)

The Role: Focuses on UPSU’s democratic and campaigning functions, including overseeing of UPSU Democracy and Governance, leading on University Actioning Body, Have Your Say and the Student Networks, as well as being a leading campaigner and activist with local community partnership links.

Key manifesto points:

  1. Bring back our bar and start a night-time safety bus
  2. Improve study abroad courses and increase communications from the Union
  3. Raise student living standards and fight new student loan changes

Dom Owen, Democracy and Campaigns Officer

Jade Underwood, Learning Experience Officer

Learning Experience Officer – Jade Underwood (re-elected)

The Role: Looks after key learning experience areas such as liaising with university academic and external partners, collecting and acting on student feedback, working on co-creation with the University and leading on academic campaigns.

Key manifesto points:

  1. Increase subject-level extra-curricular opportunities and establish student-industry networks
  2. Assessments: involve industry experts, refine group projects, expand career development modules
  3. Ensure there’s a volunteer student representative from minority groups at University meetings

Development Officer – Temidayo Dosunmu

The Role: Focuses on key developmental areas, such as student groups, volunteering and training opportunities and some sports remit.

Key manifesto points:

  1. Food option variety in the Library and the Student Union building
  2. UPSU societies rebranding
  3. Development funding

Temidayo Dosunmu, Development Officer

Ayoola Michael Johnson, Academic Representation Officer

Academic Representation Officer – Ayoola Michael Johnson

The Role: Focuses on key academic representation areas, strengthening University partner relations and leading on academic campaigns.

Key manifesto points:

  1. Introduce a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) scheme
  2. Increase awareness of support services available to students
  3. Innovate assessment feedback measures

Welfare Officer – Natasha Layley (re-elected)

The Role: Focuses on key student welfare issues, like student welfare and wellbeing, mental health and university and external welfare liaison.

Key manifesto points:

  1. Reduction of sexual violence: a university-wide approach and training including bystander and consent training
  2. Accessibility EDI in policies and campaigns across UPSU and UoP for all, plus UoP sensory rooms
  3. Safer experience in the night-time economy and introduction of a University or UPSU taxi 

Natasha Layley, Welfare Officer