Internet Router

12 July 2022

3 min read

During the weekend of the 23-24 July 2022,  IS will begin migrating campus buildings to a new core infrastructure.

As a result, the on-campus network will experience short periods of downtime. This means that network services to each building will be disrupted temporarily. Any disruption should only last for a couple of minutes. To prevent any disruptions to study services, Library services will be migrated during building closing hours.   

The upgrading is part of a substantial investment of over £1.7m and lays the foundation for the digital strategy by introducing a more flexible, simplified, optimised and secure data centre network. The new hardware components have been installed and tested and are now ready to begin hosting live services.

Which network services will be affected?

Network services are all services – including widely-used applications such as the Google suite and AppsAnywhere –  which are accessed either from a wired or wireless (eduroam and UoPGuest) connection on campus.

During the migration process, services would only work during the short downtime periods if they are accessed on a non-university network connection, such as personal 4G data.

If I’m connected to the VPN, will I be affected?

If you are studying remotely from home, then the VPN will work as normal and all usual services will be available.

If you are on campus and are using the VPN, this will be briefly affected as the move takes place.