Represent the views of your fellow students and build your professional skills for your CV by applying to become a student governor.

Why become a student governor?

Be the voice for your fellow students 

Bring a student viewpoint and perspective to the top of the University.

Build skills and experience for your CV

By taking on this role you’ll be able to demonstrate professional skills to future employers - like interpreting reports, critical thinking, working as a team, and preparing for and attending meetings.

Network with professionals

You’ll have the chance to work with other governors - individuals with skills, knowledge, experience and reputation in industry, commerce, the public sector, or another profession.

What the Board of Governors does

The Board of Governors is the senior decision-making body of the University. It carries responsibility for ensuring the University’s effective management and for planning its future development. Some of the types of issues discussed can be seen in recent Board minutes on the University website. 

Up to 12 governors are appointed from outside the University and six are appointed from within the University community. You can find out more about the other members of the Board on the University website.

What being a student governor involves

You can stand for a 1 or 2 year term, starting in Autumn 2022. You’ll attend around 1 or 2 meetings a month, including: 5 half day Board Meetings: 8 half day Committee Meetings, and one full day Annual seminar.

The role is unpaid, but you do get expenses to cover travel, subsistence and training.

My experience as the student governor has been great. I have been able to gain a deep insight into how the University as a business is run and to provide a student voice to contribute to decision making for the University.

Dylan Powell, Current Student Governor

Apply and more information

Any student who will be enrolled during the 2022/2023 year is eligible to apply. 

The deadline for applications is Monday 18 April 2022. After this, candidates will be shortlisted and invited to an interview. 

More information is available in the student governor application form and guidance. You can also find out more about the role before applying by emailing the Corporate Governance team with your questions on:

Apply now