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  • 20 April 2021
  • 4 min read

Zoom is applying a new update to their systems at the end of this week, and there are also new security settings worth being aware of when you use your University Zoom account.

Reconnecting your Calendar with Zoom

Zoom will apply an update to their global system on Sunday 25 April. You won’t notice any difference in Zoom itself after this update. However, the update will break the existing link you have between your Google Calendar and Zoom.

To fix this you will need to log back into your Zoom extension in Google from Monday 26 April 2021. 

This is completely separate to the IT issues experienced by the University over the past two weeks, which will not affect these changes to Zoom.

How to reconnect your Calendar with Zoom

Open your calendar and click on the arrow in the bottom right corner to show the side panel. From there you'll be able to open Zoom for GSuite settings.

Screenshot of Zoom for Gsuite settings

Sign into your account using the single sign on (SSO) link and the domain port-ac-uk.

Your accounts will now be linked.

New security settings

We have recently added more security to the Zoom system. If you set up a meeting with authentication required, you now have two options for your participants - 'Sign in with Zoom' or 'Sign in to University of Portsmouth account'.

Zoom authentication settings

New authentication options on Zoom

Sign in to Zoom allows anyone to join your meeting as long as they have registered an account with Zoom (thereby removing those attendees you see in your meetings as “guest”. 

Sign in to University of Portsmouth account is more restrictive and inherently safer, as it means that anyone attending the meeting must have signed in through the SSO link in Zoom. MyPort student accounts are now required to use the SSO link. This is particularly relevant for society meetings, as it will provide the benefit of an authenticated list of attendees.

With authentication required you can then allow attendees to bypass the waiting room as an option in your general security settings:

Zoom waiting room options

Zoom waiting room options

If you have any questions, please refer to our KnowledgeBase article, or if you need more assistance contact the Servicedesk.