5 ways to take time out for yourself during Uni Mental Health Day

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What do you do for your wellbeing while at uni?

  • 04 March 2020
  • 5 min read
It's Uni Mental Health Day on Thursday 5 March and we're asking students to use the breathing space of Consolidation Week to do something fun for their wellbeing. 

Here are some ideas based on the well-known 5 Ways to Wellbeing framework, which we promote at the Student Wellbeing Service:

1. Take notice - pause for breath and look around you 

Take a break and get out into the fresh air. See if you can spot some of the first signs of spring, like the snowdrops or daffodils coming out. Get down to the seafront and watch the waves coming in. Notice the rain on your face.

2. Connect - spend some quality time with others 

Have a good chat with someone you haven’t caught up with recently. Or come and meet up with others at our friendly weekly Wellbeing Cafe, where you’ll be welcomed with free beverages and the opportunity to join in with board games or other activities. You could also pop into Chaplaincy for a chat and a cup of tea anytime. Our team of experienced chaplains are here for a confidential one-to-one chat. You don't need to make an appointment.

3. Get active - take time to have fun with a hobby or try something new

Whether it’s drawing or jogging, taking some time out away from our busy schedules to stimulate our brains can be significantly positive for our wellbeing. Try spending an hour doing something you used to love doing or try something completely new and just see what happens! Something physically active is especially good.


4. Keep learning - how about learning some new wellbeing skills

Take a look at workshops, courses and events run by the Student Wellbeing Service and book in to learn some new wellbeing skills. You could also sign up for our online SilverCloud courses, or look at the recommended self-help resources for specific issues. 

5. Give - get involved with mental health campaigns

Help challenge stigma and improve support for mental health - find out about Student Minds #UniMentalHealthDay campaign and spread the word on social media. You could keep a look out for what the Students’ Union are doing for their UPSUOK campaign next week.

Mental Health Charter

Student Minds, the national mental health charity behind Uni Mental Health Day, recently launched the University Mental Health Charter to guide universities in taking a whole-institution approach to mental health.

Here at Portsmouth, we're already doing many of the things recommended in the Charter and making mental health part of a year-round conversation.

This year's Feel Good Fest in February saw over 500 students and staff come together for an afternoon of crafts, student performances, massage, hula hooping, free food, and much more. The most popular activity was meeting Ted, Juno and friend, the Pets as Therapy dogs. Take a look at this student video for some of the highlights.


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