Opening the Lab: Behavioural & Experimental Research

Opening the Lab Behavioural  Experimental Research

  • 07 June 2022
  • 09:30 - 11:45
  • The Future Technology Centre, Portland Building, Portland Street, Portsmouth, PO1 3HE
  • FREE
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A networking event to introduce the Faculty of Business and Law experimental Lab and discuss possible collaborations.

When you hear “experimental research with human participants”, what do you think? People in lab coats, trials for new medication or even some-type of electric shock therapy?

Our experiments are very different. We study how people behave in a wide variety of situations, ranging from financial markets to employee incentives, product marketing, and consumer interactions with AI, to name just a few examples.

There are many forms of research labs at the University of Portsmouth and we would like to show you how we work and talk about possible collaboration.

In this information and networking event, we will highlight some of the projects we have worked on and hopefully give you some ideas how we could help you answer your questions and start thinking about future research collaborations.

Why should you participate?

This is a “no strings-attached” offering from our team, to show you what we do and discuss how this overlaps with your research, where possible synergies could be found. If you don’t come for anything else, come for food, drink and a nice chat with some of our team members.

We will briefly present one or two of our past and current projects as examples for possible research questions, how we approached these and what we found. We will then have a short immersive demonstration where you can take part in our experiments – don’t worry you will just sit in form of a computer screen, no needles or pills. Finally, we will have a Q&A session followed by a discussion and possible networking over a meal and drinks.

What you can get out of the event?

We hope that you will at least enjoy the demonstration and the refreshments, and maybe we will get you to think about the possibilities our research approach could offer you and how we could work together and help each other. At best you can start talking to one of our team members, exchange details and start planning already.

This is a free event, but we will limit the number of participants with registrations on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you have a preferred date but this is fully booked, please contact us via email (see below) and we will try to help.


09:30 - Introduction and welcome over tea, coffee and biscuits

09:45 - Presentation of example project

10:15 - Immersive demonstration

10:45 - Discussion continues over drinks and a finger buffet

11:45 - Close

Find out how to get here by checking our maps and directions. Parking in Portsmouth is extremely limited, we encourage you to use the train, bus, cycle routes, or the city’s Park ‘n’ Ride facility.

If you have questions about the event, please contact either or Dr. Wolfgang Luhan

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