FHSS Technology in Research Workshop

  • 13 July 2022
  • 10:30 - 15:30
  • University of Portsmouth, Room 1.10, St George's Building, 141 High Street, Portsmouth, PO1 2HY
  • FREE
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This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear from academics and researchers who use or seek to use innovative technologies.

This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear from academics and researchers who use or seek to use innovative technologies to better enhance their research practice. Further, it will be an opportunity for anyone who has an interest in how we utilise and apply technology - from social media mining, to the integration of artificial intelligence - to better understand the utility and efficacy of research innovation and how this may help facilitate, but also hinder, research practices.

This workshop is linked to the Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Research Group in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of Portsmouth.

We are seeking contributions in the following areas:

Use of Technology in Research: this might include the integration of AI-based technologies to assess the utility of security systems; the use of virtual reality to examine complex social scientific concepts; digital research methods (e.g., API research, OSINT, netnographies etc.); crowdsourcing approaches in emergency settings; or individual/organisational/educational/ applications of technology (e.g., what is the human component in integrating various technology and IT in research).

Technology and Analysis: this might include the use of computational modelling to understand social networks and structures; technology intelligence; forecasting; road-mapping; assessment; or future foresight. This might also include the use of relevant software for employing analysis and various analytical approaches to understanding the use of technology.

Efficacy of Technology in Research: this might include discussions around the efficacy of technology – such as: how can technology be effectively integrated into research practice to help enhance our understanding of complex social phenomenon?; how can ML/AI aid in research?; or what are the barriers of implementing technological elements within research approaches and considerations?

Technology, Research and Ethics: this might include discussion pieces around the ethical challenges of integrating technology into research practices (e.g., applying bio-ethical principles toward technology and research practices); or digital online research methods and ethics.

Technology Futures: this might include discussions around emerging technologies and how they can aid various practices and discipline (e.g., horizon scanning); how technology will help enhance research practices in the future; or discussion around what we need to change in order to improve research practices.

Deadline for abstract submission 17th June 2022 for posters and presentations. Please note that abstracts should be no longer than 300 words. You can submit abstracts via this link.

Thank you!

For further information, please contact -

Brandon May (Brandon.May@port.ac.uk)

Dr. Amy Meenaghan (amy.meenaghan@port.ac.uk)

Simona Ciobotaru (simona.ciobotaru@port.ac.uk)

Dr. Gary Dalton (gary.dalton@port.ac.uk)

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