This year we have a fab team of four Placement and Employability Ambassadors (PEAs) working within the Creative Careers team. One from each of the four CCI schools.

Last year they all went out into the industry and completed placements, making them the perfect people to tell you what doing a placement year is all about.

From deciding where to begin, to the application process, to working in industry and returning to final year – they’ve got first hand experience of it all. And they can’t wait to share it with you. Expect to see them at upcoming talks and events or around the Creative Careers office. They’re also available for 1-to-1 appointments if you want to hear more of their experiences and advice.

Meet the PEAs

Kaitlin McKenzie

Course: Creative and Media Writing

Placement Role: Editorial Assistant at Debenhams

My Placement was… incredibly fast paced and allowed me to write for and create really high level projects. Doing a placement has completely changed and focused my career plans, plus it’s given me the skills I need to achieve them!

Fun Fact: A happy and harmless case of mistaken identity meant I ended up sitting in the front row at the Preen fashion show during London Fashion Week.

Thomas Barlow

Course: Graphic Design

Placement Role: UX/UI designer at MMT Digital

My Placement was… filled with new experiences and opportunities which has opened new door for my career and I’ve made many new friendships on the way. The entire year is a fantastic learning experience which will give you a great leg up when returning for your final year. I can’t recommend a placement enough and that you take full advantage of what Creative Careers can offer you.

Fun Fact: We had a Christmas trip to Belgium for a weekend which unfortunately coincided with the riots taking place. On one level it was pretty terrifying watching it all unfold but it was a great experience that created a few over-excited highlights for the event. Including when one of my colleagues got sent home from the boat party… But this isn’t the place to say why!

Sarah Ryan

Course: Computer Games Technology

Placement Role: Engine Software Engineering Intern at Rare (Microsoft)

My Placement was… incredibly fun and helped me to grow both technically and as a person. There was also a lot of cake.

Fun Fact: Rare halted production work for a week to run a “Creative Jam”. Everyone in the studio teamed up to create something with the theme of “Together”. I made a cosplay from scratch of a character from our game, Sea of Thieves.

Jessica Burton

Course: Interior Architecture and Design

Placement Role: Visual Project Coordinator at VMGraphics

My Placement was… an Invaluable experience and the responsibilities and opportunities I experienced, surpassed my expectations!

Fun Fact: During my placement I went on many Installs in shops in and around London. One of these included the Christmas window display for ‘Maison Michel’ and ‘Barrie.’ We built a tray within the window which we filled with polystyrene supports and flurries of snow. It was at 12am when I was sat in a window in Burlington Arcade ‘playing’ in the snow, that I had to pinch myself, as I wondered how I had got there and where this design career of mine would take me.