Student startup success for International graduate inspired by antiques


Master’s graduate Yin Bin received his startup visa thanks to support from the Student Startup Team

  • 13 January 2021
  • 5 min read

Yin Bin, an international MSc Business and Management graduate, was successful in his application for endorsement from the University of Portsmouth. He is now the proud holder of a two year Startup Visa that will allow him to develop his business in the UK.

Yin Bin received sponsorship from the Chinese government to study at Portsmouth. As a student here, Yin Bin noticed an increasing demand for antiques from the UK in China, particularly oil paintings, bronzes and clocks. He identified the need for an online platform that would allow communication and transactions between Chinese customers and English antique dealers.

By starting my own business, I have lots of free time to extend my hobbies. Also, business is challenging so I’m learning a lot during the process of building up the business and meeting people who work in different industries.

Yin Bin, International MSc Business and Management

Yin Bin believes his experience in business has made him more confident and organized in his personal life. Starting a company has also built up his social circle, providing him with more chances and opportunities.

The skills and expertise I learned from the business also improve the qualities of my daily life.

Yin Bin, International MSc Business and Management

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