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Measuring Student Engagement in Knowledge Exchange

  • 04 February 2022
  • 3 min read

Many students at the University have the opportunity to take knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to external organisations in exchange for practical experience. We call this Student Engagement in Knowledge Exchange (SEKE). The Creative Students Creating Business (CSCB) study aims to understand these dynamics and enhance outcomes for all involved in these knowledge exchange programmes.

The overall aim of this research is to determine the success factors that facilitate effective SEKE, and to inform the creation of a tool kit that will support the development of good practices in SEKE projects. We want to hear from students who are currently taking or have recently completed a Knowledge Exchange activity.

    What will participants be doing?

    Participants will either:

    1. Participate in a one hour virtual (Zoom or Google Meet) interview, or
    2. Complete an online questionnaire

    Participant characteristics

    Participants must have taken (or currently be taking) at least one module that includes a Knowledge Exchange element where students consult or work for a company or charity, or offer services to the public as part of learning


    Interview participants will receive a £15 voucher.

    Survey participants will have the option to be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win one of the following vouchers:

    • 1 x £100 voucher
    • 2 x £50 vouchers
    • 5 x £20 vouchers

    Closing date

    31 May 2022.


    To express interest in volunteering for this project please email

    For any questions about this project please contact Chidubem Ikeatuegwu at

    Ethics code: BAL/2021/40/DANN