Actions Speak Louder Than Words II - Opinions About Protester Actions

Female Protestor

Staff, students and general public needed for study.

  • 30 May 2022
  • 4 min read

An online interview study examining people's attitudes towards activists and their actions.

What will participants be doing?

You will first be asked to complete 2 questionnaires (online) at least a day prior to an arranged interview. These will investigate what subjects you feel strongly about and what activist behaviours you consider to be appropriate. You will then be interviewed (via Zoom) at an arranged time and will be asked to either lie or tell the truth about your beliefs about activist behaviour. The study will take 45-60 minutes, approximately half of which includes the time taken prior to the interview to complete questionnaires (questionnaires take 20-30 mins and interview 15-20 mins).

Participant characteristics:

  • any gender
  • aged between 18 and 55
  • a reasonable grasp of reading and spoken English
  • access to a quiet place with online access to Zoom with good enough internet connection for camera connection


Each participant will receive a £10 reward for taking part, plus potential entry into draw for one of 3 £50 Amazon vouchers.

Closing date

30 June 2022.


To take part, please email the Principal Investigator Samantha Mann on 

For any questions about this project please contact Samantha Mann on  

Ethics code: SHFEC 2021 - 014A