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International Student Rossy shares her top tips on making friends at University

  • 23 August 2022
  • 2 min read

Ways to make new friends when you start University

It can be quite challenging to move abroad alone for the first time, especially when you are leaving family and friends behind and having to manage this new challenge on your own.

As an international student, this has been my experience too, coming from a completely different country. So, I would like to share with you what has helped me to meet new people and connect with others. You will have to step out of your comfort zone – but it will be worth the effort!

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Check out the societies

Societies are groups of people with common interests who meet up on a regular basis. They also put on activities as well as social gatherings that you might like to get involved with. There are a variety of things to choose from, like skiing, dancing and cultural societies. 

The Students Union website provides information on all active societies for you to join. You can also follow them on social media so you know when they will meet next, and you won’t miss out!

Attend the Global Café

If you are interested in meeting other international students and learning more about other cultures - join the Global Café. A space where students can exchange ideas and practice a new language.

The café meets 2pm – 4pm every Wednesday during term time in Park Building Café. 

Get to know people on your course

Getting to know people on your course is another way to make new friends. You're bound to meet individuals with similar interests on your course, because there's a reason why you're both doing it! Give it a try and be open to hanging out with your new classmates and talking to them.

Find a part-time job or volunteering role

A part-time job or volunteering in an activity is also a great way to get to know people and make new friends.

Find out more about part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities.

As you go through this process, remember that the most important part is enjoying your own company so that you can effectively enjoy the company of others as well. Feel free to share your good energy with others; don't be afraid to be yourself and remember that we are all in this together! 

Author: International Student Ambassador – Rossy | MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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