You can book your academic dress and professional photographs once you've booked your tickets.

Academic dress

Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions and Graduates and guests must be dressed smartly.

Academic dress (a gown and cap) is a requirement for all Graduates.

Booking academic dress

Our official gowning company is Graduation Attire. We’ll email you a link when bookings are open. The gowning company has an in-depth knowledge of the University’s academic attire requirements and will provide you with the correct gown and hood based on the award you are due to receive.

Booking deadline

The deadline for booking your academic dress is 4 weeks before your ceremony. We recommended booking in advance. However, if you don’t book your academic dress in advance, you can hire it on the day of your ceremony. We suggest that you arrive a little earlier if this is the case as on the day hires take longer.

Buying academic dress (optional)

You can also buy University of Portsmouth gowns, hoods and hats from Graduation Attire in advance via their website or on the day of your ceremony.

What to wear with academic dress

We recommend you wear clothing that accentuates the traditional gown.

Suit jackets help to puff out the shoulders, giving the hood more security. Shirts with visible top buttons are recommended, as they attach to the hood via a loop, anchoring the hood and preventing it from slipping back. Low-cut tops provide less security for the hood.

Please also ensure you wear appropriate footwear for walking across the stage.

Jeans, t-shirts and trainers are not acceptable. If you are inappropriately dressed when you come to collect your academic dress you will not be allowed to Graduate.


All official photography is undertaken by our official supplier, Marston Photography.

Booking photography

When bookings are open, we'll email you the link to the Marston Photography website.

It's best to book your photography time slot in advance to save time and money on the day. If you don’t book in advance, a £10 studio session fee will apply.

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