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Due to the rising number of coronavirus cases globally, continuing uncertainty over potential restrictions and the safety of travel over the next few months, the University has decided to suspend all student exchanges abroad and international placements until the end of Teaching Block 2 on 14th May 2021.

Your health, safety and wellbeing are our priority and we believe the alternative options provided to you will enable you to progress with your course with minimal disruption. 

We’ve made the difficult decision to give you clarity on your options for the 2020/21 academic year with as little disruption as possible and as early as possible to allow you sufficient time to make an informed decision. We also had to take into consideration that you’ll need to make alternative arrangements for whichever decision is made (such as accommodation).

Our updated guidance below is for our outbound and inbound students who were planning to do a study/work abroad mobility for 2020/21.

University of Portsmouth students planning to do a Study Exchange Abroad or international placement in 2020/21

If a compulsory placement is part of your degree, the University will make alternative arrangements to allow you to meet the requirements of your degree course or to transfer to a 3-year variant of your degree course.

The details of these arrangements vary from course to course and you’ll have been contacted directly by your Faculty or School by email. We encourage you to check your emails frequently. If you are still unclear or wish to discuss the options further, please contact your Exchange Coordinator as soon as possible.

For advice on tuition fees, please contact the Student Administration Services at or on +44 (0)23 9284 7745.

If you applied for a tuition fee or maintenance loan from Student Finance England and are unsure of the impact on your loan application, please contact the University’s Student Finance Centre at They will need to know what alternative option you’re taking now your placement has been cancelled.

We understand you may not have made any arrangements for accommodation in Portsmouth. If you need support to find accommodation, please contact our Student Housing team at or on +44 (0)23 9284 3214.

Unless you’re suspending your studies, you will need to make sure you re-register on your course through your Student View

The academic year 2020/21 starts on the 5th of October 2020. The start of the second teaching block is 8th February 2021. Please see our revised academic calendar for further details.

The UK is eligible to participate in the Erasmus+ programme until its end. This means we can support all study/work abroad opportunities for the academic year 2021/22, up to the 31 May 2022. However, other practical arrangements will need to be considered such as travel and insurance and you may need to apply for a visa to study or work for the host country. The UK Government is negotiating these details and our Brexit information page will always be kept up-to-date.

You have the option to suspend your studies and undertake your Year Abroad from September/October 2021 (provided travel restrictions are no longer in place).

To suspend your studies you need to contact your Course Leader and the MyPort Information Hub for a Suspension Form. You should complete this fully and return it to the Hub, including the reason for suspending your studies and the date you want to return. Your Course Leader will need to sign off the Suspension Form if the suspension is agreed.

Suspension is a temporary break in study, sometimes referred to as interrupting and must be agreed by the University. For further information, please refer to our withdraw, suspend or transfer guidelines.

Please note that while your studies are suspended you won’t have access to any University facilities such as the library or your computer account (although your University email address will remain active).

There are financial implications in suspending your studies. You’ll be charged a resumption fee when you return to your studies. Refer to the Tuition Fee Policy for these details.

Exchange inbound students who would attend the Autumn term 2020/21

Suspending your study exchanges and placements has not been an easy decision. There remains uncertainty around the spread of the coronavirus and our primary concern is your health, safety and wellbeing and ensuring you can continue and complete your programmes of study. We know that this is a disappointing outcome for you, but hope that it offers clarity on your options for the next academic year with as little disruption as possible and as early as possible to allow you sufficient time to make informed choices. We had to take into consideration that you’ll need to make alternative arrangements for whichever decision is made (e.g accommodation).

The University remains committed to provide an international experience to its students. This commitment is also extended to our partners and all students who would have planned to gain a meaningful overseas experience whilst studying with us during this academic year.

We would like to thank you for choosing the University of Portsmouth as your study destination and we hope you will continue to pursue your studies with us in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us at for more information.

If you’d like to defer your nomination to 2021/22 we expect to be able to welcome you on campus. We’ve made contact with your home university to advise them of our decision and will work with them to amend your nomination and/or application for the academic year 2020/21 accordingly. Please make contact with your home university to explore your options.

If you received an unconditional offer on the exchange programme for the spring term, this offer won’t automatically transfer to the next academic year (2021/22) if you choose to defer your start date. We will need you to email to confirm your new plans and if you’re deferring, we will transfer your application.

If you’re nominated to study with the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the spring term 2021, we are able to offer the opportunity for you to access some of our modules online from the start of our second Teaching Block (08 February 2021 - 18 June 2021). We will be in contact with you and your home university to make the necessary arrangements.

We are unfortunately unable to accommodate online access to students nominated to all other departments. Please make contact with your home university to explore your options.

If you applied to one of our university owned halls of residences, you can request a refund of your deposit. Please contact to start the process.

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