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Keep yourself and others safe

What to do if you or people you live with come into contact with coronavirus

We all have a crucial role in keeping each other safe. Government advice is to remain cautious though many restrictions have been lifted.

On-campus safety

Having reviewed the Government guidelines and considered how we want our campus to feel for both staff and students, our aim is to work towards removing as many of the restrictions in place as possible, while ensuring that sufficient safety measures remain in place to provide reassurance to students and staff. 

The following list isn’t exhaustive but provides examples of how measures have changed for autumn 2021.

  • Face masks - we will no longer mandate the use of face masks in our buildings. However, staff and students are strongly encouraged to wear them in indoor environments for now, especially crowded areas. We know that some will want to continue to wear masks and we are supportive of that and ask everyone to respect this personal decision
  • Hand sanitisers - these will remain in place and we advise everyone to continue with regular hand washing as well. This remains a good way to help reduce the risk of infections, and not just Covid
  • Temperature checks - these have been removed 
  • Room and space capacity limits - room capacity limits have been removed wherever possible subject to checks on ventilation. This change also includes the library, IT Open Access area and other social and learning spaces. Our cafes will also be returning to normal opening and ways of working
  • Social distancing - social distancing is no longer required
  • One way systems - these have been removed
  • Perspex screens - these will be kept in place 

Covid vaccination

We encourage all students to take up vaccination against Covid-19 provided by the NHS. This includes international students - anybody aged 18 or over in the UK is eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination for free, regardless of their nationality or immigration status.

Adapting to changing guidance

Covid hasn’t, and won’t, go away and there will be areas of the University that will continue to have enhanced measures in place, such as some clinical settings. Where these are in place the relevant staff and students will be informed. We are also still waiting for specific guidance for some settings such as Sports and Recreation.

Importantly we have plans in place should we need to reintroduce any measures in response to Government guidance or if there are any local issues.

Other locations

Some other venues, organisations and events - such as shops, restaurants and bars - are maintaining some form of Covid safety measures. This could include mask-wearing, social distancing, limits on numbers, proof of a negative test, or proof of double vaccination. Check carefully what is required to ensure that you stay safe and can access the services or locations you wish.

Covid symptoms

If you have symptoms (high temperature; a new, continuous cough; or the loss or change of sense of taste or smell) you must:

If you test positive you must:

  • Co-operate with NHS Test & Trace to help identify ‘close contacts’
  • Self isolate in line with Government advice
  • Keep the University informed of your circumstances - through your MyPort Hub, your personal tutor, and the central Covid reporting team through the Covid-19 Report Form

Wider support

You may also wish to contact the following if you need support:

We will work with you to keep you safe and supported through any periods of self-isolation, but it is important for you, your household, the University and the city of Portsmouth to work together and follow the guidance to keep each other safe and the campus open.

All of the above guidance is subject to change - please review the latest guidance on the website.

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