Student having temperature checked at the University coronavirus testing site

Getting tested when you return to University

Book 2 covid tests, 3 days apart, when you travel back to Portsmouth

Our free Collection Service for home testing kits helps you travel safely between campus and home. 

It’s important that all students aim to take regular lateral flow Covid tests, especially when travelling between home and term-time accommodation. 

If you have symptoms please instead book a government test through the NHS portal

Travelling abroad

As far as we're aware at present this wouldn't be suitable for border control when travelling abroad or into the UK.  

In the meantime companies such as Boots provide a test which we understand may be suitable for travel and countries such as the UAE use this service to provide a valid PCR test for those travelling to the UAE. Students should follow the UK Government's foreign travel advice on Covid border control requirements, which vary from country to country.  

If your test comes back negative

If your test result is negative, you can continue with your usual activities at the University.

This test result only reflects your status at the time of taking the test, and doesn’t prevent you from later catching the virus. It’s essential that you continue to follow all Covid-19 safety measures, including while travelling.

We also strongly recommend you continue to take regular tests.

If your test comes back positive

If your result is positive, you will receive a text/email from NHS Test and Trace and you should self isolate immediately. 

You must tell the University by informing:

  1. your MyPort Hub
  2. your personal tutor
  3. and the University's central COVID team using this Covid Report Form

There’s more information on self-isolating, including reporting to the University and getting help, on MyPort.

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