The way you log into Microsoft Office 365 has changed


Instead of using:


You will use:

password icon Your password will remain the same.
Data icon Your data is safe and unaffected, this change has no impact on your data or applications.
Login  icon To sign in on the MS Office website or any installed application, you will use this new username.


Why is this happening?

The University is embarking on an exciting journey to provide an improved single sign-on experience for applications and unlock the future benefits of Microsoft Office 365. To do this we need to make substantial changes to the system that looks after these Office 365 logins.

In the meantime we are giving you special logins so that you are able to continue using the Microsoft services that you are entitled to.


  1. This information will only affect those who have been directly informed of this page via email.
  2. All usernames given on this page are examples, please replace the example numbers with your personal student username.
  3. All students have a google email address that ends however, this change relates to your separate login to Microsoft.
  4. Some students will have both a and login for Microsoft Services. This change only impacts the account"