In order to continue to get medical support, it is important that you register with a GP in Portsmouth as soon as possible after you arrive.

Your mental health providers at home may have referred you to the local mental health teams in Portsmouth before your arrival but, if they have not done so, please discuss this with the University Mental Health Practitioner or your GP once you have registered. Your home mental health care team can forward information to your new GP.

The University is committed to providing a positive learning environment for students with mental health needs, and support to ensure that mental health difficulties do not place you at a disadvantage in your studies.

Mental health advice

The Mental Health Practitioners in the Student Wellbeing Service provide advice, information and support to help lessen the impact of mental health difficulties so that students can get the best from University life.

The Mental Health Practitioners are experienced professionals who can:

  • talk to you about the practical impact that mental health/wellbeing difficulties may be having on you as a student
  • assess and talk through your psychological support needs and help you address these directly or through referral to other specialists
  • discuss self-help, therapy and treatment options, including medication
  • offer short-term one-to-one support to help you gain an understanding of your mental health and develop helpful coping strategies
  • provide indirect support, such as liaising with other internal (such as ASDAC - see below) and external support agencies and coordinate services offered to ensure they are effective.

Making an appointment

Please read our page on how to register for the Student Wellbeing Service and complete the online registration form. The information is entered on a secure, separate server and is confidential to the Student Wellbeing Service.

Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC)

The University of Portsmouth supports students with disabilities with advice and arrangements of appropriate support to ensure you are not placed at a disadvantage.

Whether you are a student here already or are thinking of applying, here are some of the support and advice services ASDAC offer to make your University experience as smooth as possible:

  • Confidential advice from disability professionals
  • Advice on funding to cover disability-related support costs (including disabled students' allowances)
  • Discussion and agreement on appropriate reasonable adjustments
  • Associated University services and facilities
  • Arranging note-taking, mentoring and other academic support services
  • Specialist study skills tuition and assistive technology training
  • Screening for suspected Specific Learning Difficulties

Contact ASDAC

Tel: +44 (0)23 9284 3462


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