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I am overjoyed by the prospect of using my vast experience to support international business students looking to develop their enterprise skills.

Albert Choi, Director of Albert Choi Associates Ltd

Albert Choi is the elected chairman of the Portsmouth Chinese Association and Owner of Noble House restaurant in Southsea.

He's able to share his experience of being an entrepreneur who regularly works with organisations in China. He also understands and can give advice on overcoming barriers and changing career directions.

Albert arrived in the UK from China, via Paris, at 19-years-old. He had moved to Paris at 16-years-old to learn French. Once in the UK, he began studying Architecture at the University of Portsmouth, before leaving to apply his skills to the hospitality industry.

In 2009 Albert won the Portsmouth Civic Award for his outstanding contribution to Portsmouth's business community. He was also recognised in the Award for his promotion of friendship links between the UK and China.

Albert Choi can offer particular expertise in:

  • Overcoming barriers
  • Changing career direction
  • International business relations (especially China)

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