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Guides and advice on getting into your chosen career

Getting into your chosen career depends on the sector you're hoping to work in, the network you have and whether you want to work in the UK or internationally. If you're undecided about any of these factors, you can use this section to research different career paths.

We have various resources to help you research different sectors or occupational areas. If you're undecided about your career plans, you might want to look at different career areas.

Career guides

Get a good idea of what routes you could take and what skills are needed.
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How to network

Discover how to develop a network of contacts to access job opportunities.
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Create an effective LinkedIn profile and start to make connections.
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Job roles

The Prospects website provides profiles that make an ideal starting point to learn more about graduate roles in various sectors. You'll discover what kind of work is expected of you, any entry requirements and where you can find jobs advertised. You can browse all jobs by using the A-Z listing of approximately 400 profiles or search by job category.

The National Careers Service website provides job role profiles for you to explore. Find information on over 750 job roles and find out about the skills and qualifications required, what the work would be like and career prospects.

Career guides

Our career guides give you an introduction to the sector and some of the job roles available in it. They also advise you how to get work experience for your chosen career, and how to get a job after graduation.

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