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Time to apply

Check our tips for applying to part-time jobs


Employers may ask you to apply to part-time jobs in a few different ways. Some may ask for a CV, others may ask for application forms, or you may apply in-person. Find out more about how to apply to part-time jobs, and our top tips for acing your application.


Tailoring your application

It's important that you tailor you application to each role you are applying to:

  • Find out more about the company, including what they do and what they look for when recruiting
  • You should read the job description thoroughly to identify the skills that are required for the role
  • You should emphasise how you possess/have developed these skills, with examples, in your cover letter and CV, or in the application form

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Part-time CVs

Having a CV that showcases the skills you have developed through studying and from previous experience, helps to make you an attractive prospect for a potential employer.

  • You should make sure your CV is targeted to part-time work
  • Have a look at generic job descriptions to identify the skills required for the role
  • It can also be helpful to include your availability in your profile

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Covering letters

Some employers will ask you to provide a covering letter alongside a CV. A covering letter is a great way to show of your skills and why you would be suitable for a role, and helps persuade an employer to read your CV. 

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Application forms

A successful application form will get you to the next stage of the recruitment process. Make sure your form demonstrates how you meet the criteria and encourages the employer to invite you to interview.

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Speculative Applications

A speculative application is where you approach an employer to check whether they have a job for you, even though they have not advertised a vacancy. This is a great way to find part-time work locally!

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